I’m not buying it!


I’m not buying it – Wii abandons Gamecube and other rants

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI_WII_GAMECUBE.flv 600 480]

I’m not buying it – The Thing 2011 vs The Game

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI_The_thing.flv 600 480]

I saw the new movie, and was not that impressed. I liked the old game better…and the game wasn’t that great!

I’m not buying it – Xbox Backwards Compatibility Scam

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI_Xbox_Backwards_Compatibility_scam.flv 600 480]

Does Xbox not want more money..? I don’t get it, put more Xbox games on your download page. All the good games don’t work on 360!!!!!

I’m not buying it – Corporate corner cutting

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI_corporate_corner_cutting.flv 600 480]

Video game companies are getting cheaper and cheaper

Im not buying it – Samsung rips off Halo (NSFW)

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/IMBI-SamsungHalo.flv 600 480]

Samsung’s new phone, the galaxy, rips off halo though an advertisement…and my wife’s tits are out of control!

I’m not buying it – Dead Space on Wii

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI_deadspace_wii.flv 600 480]

House of the dead space..? Come ON! Im so done with the Wii, bring something else out.

I’m not buying it – Dead Space Ignition

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI-deadspace_ignition.flv 600 480]

I’m not buying it – Michael Jackson’s death

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/INBI-mj-death.flv 600 480]

Ok, I loved Michael Jackson as a kid but this shit has to stop, I’m not bashing him, I’m just done with the media rubbing it in my face!