Directing innovative subliminal hunger, or D.I.S.H, is an ambient audio and video project created by, film maker songwriter, Taylor Gilbreath. Owner of www.radiumz.com. This was a side ego of Taylor, letting loose his audio roots unravel and morphing into different grooves and textures. The D.I.S.H music was more relaxing and created a atmosphere of good vibes to create in. From down-tempo to IDM like beats, D.I.S.H is crafted to pick your brain, and stimulate other thoughts and emotions through electronic bliss. Using the JP-800 synth and other samples of urban acoustic sounds, Taylor had found a cure for his anxiety thought audio and film.

To get the full album email me at radiumz@radiumz.com

D.I.S.H – Directing innovative subliminal hunger by radiumz

D.I.S.H – Flower Girl – Music Video

(Click play below to watch)

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/dish_flower_girl.mp4 600 480]

D.I.S.H – The forgotten realms of a continuous support

(Click play below to watch)

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/dish-froacs-video.mp4 600 480]

D.I.S.H – Ocean of dead lakes

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/dish-oodl-video.flv 600 480]

D.I.S.H – Water dream
[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/dish-water-dream.flv 600 480]