My name is Taylor. 15 years ago was when it started.Visions.

Along with brain twisting audio. Clutching at my youth, I was confused. When other kids played in sandboxes and whispered innocence, my mind continued to gather connections between distance and sanity, like a baby’s face under a heavy pillow. Tuning to take control was the constant pat on my bloody back. Finding brilliant miracles along the way, the audio that broke me day by day, had a element similar to smell. It is the reason why you hold onto that garment so close after your loved one passes. Its the jealously your girlfriend gets when finding that cologne you’ve hid in the sock drawer that smells like when your happy. So if the stench of audio can take you in the past…then what if it can take you forward?

Welcome to where I’ve been, and where I’m going…

I’ve been doing film for 10 years and audio for 15 years. I have written over 1,000+ songs and sounds that all have a element to match no other.

Play for a while…but wash your hands before believing.

Taylor Gilbreath-Documentary

Taylor Gilbreath-Documentary 2009

[flv:http://www.radiumz.com/videos/charles-docu.flv 640 480]

About Film
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Name—Taylor Gilbreath.

Hometown—Portland, Oregon.


15 years of self taught skills—Filming, Video editing, Audio engineering, soundtrack, production, Live PA, claymation, drawing, stop-start, playing shows with projected film, ECT.